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When using our link rotation system, your site is shown to 100,000's of users around the world 24/7 for 30 days!
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To See The Rotator In Action CLICK HERE. Every Click Opens In A New Tab With A Different Site.

The Rules! And They Are Strictly Enforced!

No links related to Adult, Hate, Non English, Casino, Racist, etc. If you have to think about it, we probably won't accept it!

Your Links. Tracking. Other Rotators.

Your link can be for a website, blog, or affiliate link etc. Other Rotator links are Not Allowed. We Will Check It!

We encourage using a tracking link for stats but we do not offer one at this time.
However, you can get an excellent easy to use tracker with detailed stats totally Free at LeadsLeap.com

Website Link Tester - If it fails this test, it will not be accepted! Check It Now!

If you see your site in the window below, it passed! If you don't see your site below or it's messed up, it failed! Use a different link.

We use Paypal as our preferred payment processor.
After successful payment, you'll be re-directed to the submission page to submit your link for approval.
You will be notified after your link has been added to the rotator.
Please allow up to 8 hrs for our response, but usually sooner.


Optional: Link Plus Banner Rotation: Your 125x125 or 468x60 Program Banner Rotated At The Top & Bottom Of This Site Only, For Lifetime With Unlimited Views & Clicks. $14.95 Includes The Link Rotation At All Sites For 30 Days Plus -> Lifetime Banner Rotation On This Site Only.

After payment, at submission page be sure to include the banner image url & banner link in the "Add a note to the administrator" box.
You may change the banner once in a while if needed by contacting the admin from this site.


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